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Strategy & Branding

Just like you know what it takes to run your business, we know what it takes to make your business excel online! You do you, we do digital. In partnership with you, we will build an innovative marketing strategy that draws your ideal customer to you by creating brand guidelines that build trust, researching winning content that resonates with your ideal customer and exploring sounds that set you apart from your competitor.  

Whether you require a complete rebrand or you are looking for support to take your brand to the next level, get in touch today to make your business heard.  Our services include:

Yearly Marketing Plan

Measurable Results

Logo Design

Creating Your Company's Colour Palette

Audio Branding (Podcasts & Radio)

What Can We Do For You?


Do you know who you are targeting this year?  Now, think about that target audience, have you taken the time to understand what they want to hear, their potential barriers, what your competitors might be saying to them or how about the different ways in which you can get in front of them? Without a long-term marketing plan, you are guessing and most likely wasting resources and money. At Bankhouse Media we will develop a yearly marketing strategy that allows you to measure success rates, removes non-profitable targets and ensures your offering reflects your business goals.  We achieve this by researching your target audiences and your competitors then generating a marketing strategy that focuses purely on profit.

Brand Guidelines

Can you tell us your company colours, font, or sound? If this answer is yes, can every employee that works for you also confirm these same answers? Customers like a brand they can relate to, they like familiarity, if your brand is not showing consistency, this causes confusion and will affect your relationship with any existing or potential customers, they will feel like your company is all over the place without even realising the reason why they aren’t liking what they see.  Our Bankhouse Media Marketers will work with you to develop a Brand Guideline Document that truly reflects your company’s passion and professionalism to employees, clients and all that come across your business.

Audio Branding

It could be the telephone message people hear when they call your office, a voice used in your ads/videos or your sonic sound.  Sound is becoming more popular than ever with people preferring to listen than to read, just look at how popular podcast advertising has become. What does that mean for businesses?  You need to start thinking about what customers would think if they purely listened to your business. At Bankhouse Media we will work with you to create a voice that encourages engagement, a tone that promotes professionalism and a sound that makes people feel fantastic making your business a brand that people will remember to look up.


Our in-house graphic designers combine technology, innovation and marketing insights to provide customers with top-class creations that stand out! Their focus is always on bringing new customers to you and keeping existing customers engaged.

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