Steps to Digital Success.. Group mentoring from our founder and business mentor, Matthew Toman that will transform your business into what you always knew it could be 

This is a 12 week mentoring program for business owners and entrepreneurs to master their mindset, business strategies, & digital marketing skills for digital success

You’ve dedicated a lot of yourself to get your business to where it is now… but deep down you know that it’s capable of so much more.
Maybe you’ve already achieved some success but your sales have flatlined.
Maybe you know you have a great product or service that can change lives but your online presence doesn’t reflect that yet.


…but most importantly, all your energy is being spent on keeping the business you are afloat and you don’t have enough energy to truly focus on the business you want to become. 

The good news is that the level of success you truly want with your business is a lot closer than you think.

You Just Need The Right Strategies & The Right Guidance from a Business Mentor

At Bankhouse Media, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses succeed online with our proven framework. Once you learn these methods, they will serve you for life. Your business can finally take off and you’ll never look back.

In addition to being founder & CEO of Bankhouse Media, Matthew is also creator of The Evolution of Success, a personal growth documentary & e-learning platform that’s been experienced all over the world & features Jack Canfield, Sonia Ricotti, Dr. Joe Vitale, Natalie Ledwell and many more of the world’s foremost experts on mindset & personal transformation. 

In the movie, Matthew covered his own evolution from being unemployed & in debt to being a successful film producer.  After launching The Evolution of Success,  Bankhouse Productions and Bankhouse Media was the next step in his evolution.  He wanted to take the best of what he learned and apply it to the nuts & bolts of what can truly transform lives over the long term: building intentional, profitable businesses that provide true value. 

The 10 Steps to Success are a proven strategy to help you succeed
In addition to learning how to develop your passive income streams, scale your business, and get actual hands-on digital marketing skills, you’ll also learn how to develop the winning mindset necessary for long-term business success & growth.

The 3 Core Areas of the Business Evolution Masterclass in the 10 Steps to Online Success

Mindset Coach

You’ll master the best mindset & growth strategies necessary for long-term business & personal success, all developed from The Evolution of Success

Business Growth and Strategy

We’ll teach you our exact proven business strategies and frameworks so you have the exact roadmap of where you want to get to. No more guessing or trying to figure it out on your own.

Real Marketing Skills

We teach you our exact digital marketing skillset so you have more control over your business than ever. From website building to content creation to your Facebook ads management, it's all covered.

The Process for the 10 Steps to Online Success

Start when your ready

Start When You're Ready

Watch 10 Video Modules ​

Watch 10 Video Modules

Complete Your Workbook Per Module

Complete Your Workbook Per Module

Complete Your Training Presentations & Downloadables​ from scratch

Complete Your Training Presentations & Downloadables

Join Our Weekly Live Mentoring Calls

Join Our Weekly Live Mentoring Calls

Enjoy Your Evolution

Enjoy Your Evolution

Identify Your Why​

Module 1

Identify Your Why

Your “Why” is what makes you unique and sets you apart from your competitors.  We’ll teach you how to leverage this and drive your entire business with it.  

Goal Setting For Your Business

Module 2

Goal Setting For Your Business

Goals set the destination for your business to work towards.  You’ll learn how to set manageable, time-based goals that you’ll achieve throughout the course. 

Building Your Offers​

Module 3

Building Your Offers

High-performing, profitable offers are the lifeblood of your business.  You’ll learn how to audit your existing offers & build new offers for maximum profit.

Targeting Your Customer​ For Your Brand

Module 4

Targeting Your Customer

Defining your ideal customer makes every aspect of your marketing smoother & easier. You’ll learn our exact targeting method that we use with all our clients. 

Building A Memorable Brand

Module 5

Building A Memorable Brand

Your brand is the personality of your business.  We teach you how to build a consistent visual brand identity and craft a strong brand voice for all your platforms.

Bankhouse Media

Module 6

Websites That Work

Your website is your most important member of staff.  We teach you how to design & build a high-performing website that will work for you around the clock.  

Sales Funnels​ for your brand

Module 7

Sales Funnels

We cut through the misconceptions about sales funnels to teach you straight-forward information on building profitable funnels with a smooth customer journey.

Content That Converts for Your Brand

Module 8

Content That Converts

We teach you how to create unique, memorable content that resonates with your target audience & converts them into paying customers. 

The BHM Facebook Ads Formula

Module 9

The BHM Facebook Ads Formula

This 6-part module teaches you our exact formula for Facebook & Instagram ads.  It  covers everything from ad creative to our advanced ad campaign strategies.  

Nailing Your Digital Strategy​

Module 10

Nailing Your Digital Strategy

We teach you how to build & implement a digital strategy that keeps your marketing across all your platforms on track for an entire year.  

The BHM Facebook Ads Formula

The BHM Facebook Ads Formula

Your Facebook & Instagram Ads Module is a complete course in it's own right. In addition to lifetime access to the video modules, you'll also receive 4 1-on-1 training calls with our Facebook Ads expert.

Across 6 different sections, we teach you our exact formula for creating high-performing, profitable Facebook & Instagram ads. You'll learn...

Bonus Module!

5 Top Tips for E-Commerce Success

For a limited time, we are also including a Bonus Module that will tell you everything you need to know about running a successful E-Commerce shop!

This exclusive module isn't available anywhere else and covers the exact process we run through with each of our e-commerce clients.

E-Commerce Success For Your Brand

Some of Our Favourite Success Stories

"Within 1 weekend of launching our new website, we made 3x the money back of what we paid Bankhouse Media for the site! I can't recommend them enough."
Bankhouse Media
Aisling Burke
Co-Founder of Teeth Whitening Fairies
"The way that Bankhouse Media have scaled my business & helped me transition online has been a game-changer & has expanded my customer base dramatically"
Bankhouse Media
Adam Collard
TV Personality & Founder of Adam Collard Fitness
"Before working with Bankhouse Media Academy, I didn't have a clue. I can do things now I've never dreamed of. My business is now working while I'm sleeping."
Bankhouse Media
Orlagh Maye
Founder of Orlagh Maye Salon & Pygment Training Academy

Ready to Start Your Business Evolution?

Pay in Full & Save €500

1495 One-time Fee
  • 12 Weeks Group Mentoring with Matthew Toman (€5000 Value)
  • Lifetime Access to Every Module (€4000 Value)
  • 4 1-on-1 Facebook Ad Training Sessions (€4000 Value)
  • Lifetime Access to BHM Facebook Ads Formula (€2000 Value)
  • 5 Top Tips For E-Commerce Success (€1000 Value)
  • Full Access To Online Community (€1000 Value)
  • Lifetime Access to Bankhouse Media Workbook (€1000 Value)

Flexible Payment Plan

399 5 Payments
  • 12 Weeks Group Mentoring with Matthew Toman (€5000 Value)
  • Lifetime Access to the Modules (€4000 Value)
  • 4 Personal Facebook Ad Training Sessions (€4000 Value)
  • Lifetime Access to BHM Facebook Ads Formula (€2000 Value)
  • Full Access To Online Community (€1000 Value)
  • Lifetime Access to Bankhouse Media Workbook (€1000 Value)
  • 5 Top Tips For E-Commerce Success (€1000 Value)

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