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Sales Pages & How They Increase Your Website Conversions

If you want to gain more customers online, sales pages are important to you.  To prove it, have a look at the results of a survey carried out by HubSpot in July 2017: Companies see a 55% increase in leads when increasing their number of landing pages

As more and more people invest in online marketing, the need to stand out is more critical now than it was previously.  There are endless things to consider when thinking about how to attract new customers online, one of the most powerful methods in use today is the use of Sales Pages via your website.

Sales Pages provide a direct & eye-catching message that leads your potential customer to your purchase or booking form.  This is done by creating a hidden webpage that you share across your marketing channels (social sites, email campaign, etc). Your page design should be spectacularly simple and your customer journey should be straight to your desired location. 

There are two types of sales pages: a landing page and a click-through page. The one your business requires will depend on the result you want from your customer. Below we have explained the difference to help you decide. 

Landing Pages

A landing page is a web page with a single focus call to action (CTA). Meaning, if you are a service-based business looking for warm leads such as, building an email list that captures contact details, a landing page is worth considering.  

What will this look like?  Each landing page will be designed in a way that entices the customer to click on your CTA while limiting their options within that page so as not to distract from your desired result. Your content must be exciting enough for customers to want to get in touch. Running online contests, offering free digital downloads, offering promo codes are all great  like giving your service or product as the prize to get people who are already aware ways to encouraging customers to opt into your network from your landing page.

Here is an example of a high converting landing page we created for one of our clients:

Bankhouse Media

Click Through Pages

A click-through page will give your customer enough information about your product or service offering and will include any information you need to convert this lead into an immediate sale via your checkout or e-commerce shop.  Meaning, if you are an online merchant looking to increase your online sales revenue, a click-through page is worth considering. Coupon codes offering a discount are a great way to convert leads into sales via a click-through page, offering 10%-25% discount codes make people feel they are getting a bargain meaning they are likely to snap up the product or services there and then.

Here is an example of a high converting click-through page we created for one of our clients:

Bankhouse Media

Regardless of which page you wish to use, it’s important to remember that your landing page and click-though page should not accessible from your website or link to any other part of your website as this would deter your customer from your goal, they should be  shared via your ad set or campaign.  The layout of your landing page isn’t all that matters, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube or an Email Campaign your ad copy should clearly identify what your product or service is, target your customer avatar and have an eye catching video or graphic giving you the best chance to convert your click into a customer.  

Once you have your page live and ready for viewing the work doesn’t end there, understanding your click-through rate (CTR) is vital for you to monitor how well your page is doing.   A click through rate is the number of times your page has been viewed vs how many people have clicked into it i.e. is it grabbing peoples attention?  For example, if your page is viewed 1000 times and you get 20 clicks, your CTR is 2%. CTR can vary but generally speaking anything around 2%  would be considered good.  At Bankhouse Media we always focus on great therefore we aim to have a 5% CTR as our baseline.

Please let us know how your experience of sales pages within your business has been or changed in the last few years? 

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