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The basis of your online presence is creating original, memorable content that resonates with your target audience. To develop memorable content, you don’t need a large budget. All you need is a phone (and maybe a filter occasionally) to take a good image, and you’re good to go! Some people believe it is difficult to stand out in a crowd, but we are sure that by reading this blog, you will learn how to generate material that is truly memorable. Below we will provide you with a formula that will work for your business, allowing you to be consistent online and ensuring you appeal to your audiences emotional and rational thinking/decision making. Let’s get started…

When creating content, you should always ensure you have the below 4 purposes in mind, making sure you cover them all.

  • To inspire
  • To entertain 
  • To inform 
  • To persuade 
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Each of these purposes relate and speak to two different sides of your customer:

  • The emotional: to inspire and entertain 
  • The rational: to inform and persuade 

Why do we do this?

It would become incredibly boring if you said the same thing to your audience every day. Imagine you had the same conversations every day for the rest of your life would you not be bored? By including these four pillars you will have content that will make your audience laugh, give them more information on why your product and service is the best or maybe even provide them with a one-time offer. If your audience don’t know what is coming next it will keep them engaged and they will continue to follow your brand. Also, if they continually engage with your brand it is more likely they will like, comment and share your posts. 

Tip: Remember your brand is your personality! 

Below is an example of a post we created that was to inspire our audience. Using inspirational quotes or even motivational tips are a great way to inspire your audience. It shows them you are not a robot behind the screen, and you have emotions just like them. Feel free to check out the Instagram page called ‘theevolutionofsuccess’ if you need any help with finding inspiring quotes. 

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Secondly, finding a significant day of the month and celebrating it in a unique or fun way is a fantastic approach to entertain your audience. For example, the post below was made for World Laughter Day, and the obvious thing for us to do on that day was to share cheesy business jokes. If you make your audience smile, they will be excited to see what else you have to share, because who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh? Other ways to entertain your audience could be an Instagram live story, videos, meet the team posts, business culture and many more. Just use your imagination.

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As you can see below this post was created to inform everyone of what our missions are for all of our clients. When informing your audience try not to overload them with information and lots of text. A good way to do it is by laying out the information in spider diagrams or lists. This is because lists are a better way at keeping your reader focused than large paragraphs. At the end of the day, nobody wants to read a large block of text, particularly if they already have some knowledge of the subject. 

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Finally, beneath is a graphic created to educate our audience that is relevant to the services we offer. We know a great way to educate your audience is through statistics. This is because facts are the best way to draw conclusions on what to focus on. Other ways you can educate your audience is through credibility. An example of how to show credibility is by posting on your socials about a credible team member like the CEO and sharing a quote from them. 

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To conclude you always need to remember that while creating memorable material it can take many forms, and almost all of content has one thing in common: it was created with a specific goal in mind. Creating content that converts can be tricky to master at first because you need to discover what is your businesses why while keeping in mind what your audience would like to see. Therefore, if any of the topics addressed are areas where your business requires assistance, we at Bankhouse Media would be delighted to assist you with discovering your why and what makes your audience tick, so please contact us using the form below.…the coffee is on us!

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Content That Converts

The basis of your online presence is creating original, memorable content that resonates with your target audience. To develop memorable content, you don’t need a

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