For businesses who want to increase their profit margins by gaining more high quality inbound leads!

Welcome To Bankhouse Media Academy

We’re so delighted to launch the Bankhouse Media Academy! 

The first digital marketing academy created by an agency who have helped hundreds of our clients grow their businesses online and now we want to share that knowledge with start-ups, SME’s, sole traders or anyone who wants to learn the tools and techniques to launch their business to new heights. 

Take more control of your business and learn the exact digital marketing skill set that we use to help hundreds of businesses grow and make more money online. 

I’ll go through each of the Bankhouse Media Academy modules and tools that you can learn on how to grow your business. 

  • Identify the why behind your business.
  • The power of goal setting.
  • How to build a website that converts.
  • Getting to know your customer
  • How to build a memorable brand. 
  • How to design captivating content. 
  • How to nail your digital strategy to reach your target market. 
  • Weekly accountability calls to help you stay on track. 

The Bankhouse Media Academy is going to help you get more online leads, sales, stand out from your competitors, increase your lifetime value of your customer, automate key aspects of your business and run your own successful facebook ads. 

Bankhouse Media

Let’s kick it off with the crucial part of any business, identifying the

‘Why’ behind your business. It’s the first thing we ask our clients so we can understand the reason they set up their business and the difference they think their products or services will make to their customers. This allows us to understand how best to market your business and connect to your potential customers. 

Identifying your why will also help when building your brand, what’s your story and why does your business exist? Knowing and helping customers connect to that ‘why’ can help mould your brand into something you can be proud of. The Power of Storytelling in Business is undeniable, it’s important to think of ways you can build your ‘Why’ story into your brand, people connect to people so when customers land on your website the first thing that many of us do is hit the ‘About Us’ page so they can start building up a trust with your brand. 

In the Bankhouse Media Academy we go through how you can identify your why by asking some in depth questions about your business and working our way through to getting that ‘why’ down to a succinct statement that you can use as the foundation for your business and brand. Staying true to your why will lead you to having a successful business. 

Bankhouse Media

After we have identified your ‘Why’ it’s time to set some hard concrete goals for your business. In your academy workbook we’ll work through your short term goals and then break them down from years 1 – 10. 

We’ll ask a set of questions that will help you identify those goals so you’ll have a clear break down on each for year 1, year 5 and year 10. As you go through the rest of the course you can refer back to them, which will allow you to make clear decisions based on moving your business forward. 

Bankhouse Media

“85% of SMEs with a website said it is important for generating new business or sales. Of this group, 2 in 5 said that they are generating additional work through their websites. With an average of 22 additional jobs or sales coming through each year”

80% of Irish consumers go online when looking for information about a business and if yours doesn’t show up even on the first few pages, your competitors win or if your potential customers can’t access the right information or their journey is taking too long you will lose them. 

In the Bankhouse Media Academy you will learn how to build a website that converts. We will go through a checklist of your current website to review how it’s working and any changes that have to be made to optimize so you can get the results you want for your business.  

We’ll also go through the websites we’ve created for some of our clients and they’ve seen results within 24 hrs and have been shocked with the amount of work your site can do for your business. You should view your website as another member of staff working 24/7 on your business tracking customers around the clock. 

Bankhouse Media

Having memorable and captivating content in the key to standing out in the crowd of millions of online content everyday! In this course we will go through what makes memorable content, how to create it and what delivers results for your business. 

Customers won’t organically land on your website without you leading them there and they need to be engaged. You need to have captivating content, in the form of images, video, blogs, email marketing in order to engage that potential customer to click through to your website, landing or sale page. 

It will be clear on what style of content you should create for your potential customers from going through identifying their wants and needs, where they are online from the next module of the course. 

Bankhouse Media

In the Bankhouse Media Academy we’ll go through questions on how to define your key customer demographic, their goals, frustrations and challenges. In your workbook we’ll create an empathy map for your customer, so you can fully understand how your product or service can provide a solution for them. 

By using that insight into your customers interests and preferences you can easily personalize the marketing message you want them to receive. 

Digital marketing allows you to tailor your campaigns to your target demographics such as age, location, interests and gender. We also show you tips you can easily set up sales funnel strategies and campaigns to get the best results for your business. 

Bankhouse Media

Your brand is the personality of your business.  We teach you how to build a consistent visual brand identity and craft a strong brand voice for all your platforms.

Digital marketing is the best and most effective tool for building trust and fostering long-term relationships with your customers. You have direct access to them as they do to you, it’s important to post regularly on your social platforms in order to actively engage with, answer comments and reward customer loyalty. Consistent content marketing that reflects your brand’s personality is another key to building brand awareness. 

Bankhouse Media

Included in the Bankhouse Media Academy is a full comprehensive sub-course on facebook ads. This 6-part module teaches you our exact formula for Facebook and Instagram ads.  It  covers everything from ad creative to our advanced ad campaign strategies. 

Facebook is the world’s third-most visited website. It’s outranked only by Google and YouTube. When people spend time online, there’s a good chance they’re spending it on Facebook. It’s the most effective way to reach your target audience and when you learn this course you’ll have the tools to set up all your ad campaigns going forward. 

Bankhouse Media

In The Bankhouse Media Academy we’ll teach you how to build & implement a digital strategy that keeps your marketing across all your platforms on track for an entire year.  We will show you how to create and execute successful digital campaigns so you can use it as your blueprint for creating your digital campaigns going forward. When you have identified your target audience it’s time to mark out what your campaign goals will be and what your budget is. 

Next you need to decide on what campaign elements you want to use; 

Email marketing, PPC, SEO, Direct marketing, social media content. Successful campaigns can include many different elements. 

When the campaign is ready to be promoted, it’s time to get your analyzing tools ready for action. Here are a few that can measure your performance throughout: 

Google Analytics – to measure how many visits you had to your website from your content and to measure click through rates from paid ads. 

Engagement likes, shares, paid social analytic tools such as Simply Measured.

Email Marketing – open and click rates from your email automation platform such as Klaviyo or Mailchimp. 

Bankhouse Media

There will be 10 video modules to take you through our top digital agency insights in order to make your business grow online. We’ll go through each module in detail so you have all the information to work through and look back on any areas that you need help with. 

Bankhouse Media

The best thing about The Bankhouse Media Academy is we don’t just give you all this knowledge and leave you to soldier it alone. 

There will be weekly accountability calls with our team to keep you on track and allow you to engage with experts in the industry. We will also have an online forum for you to connect to other students and business owners. 

We’re also delighted to announce a Bonus Module that is now included covering 5 top essential tips for having a successful E-commerce Business. We will go through the tips you need to run your own successful online store, from setting up your products, advertising, managing your social media and creating effective sales funnels for your online business.

Bankhouse Media

To celebrate the launch of the Bankhouse Media Academy we have this amazing limited time offer of 50% off to our first 50 Customers! 

To avail of this awesome offer and book a call here Bankhouse Media Academy. 

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