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Agency Or In House?

According to the DMI (Digital Marketing Institute), agency hires are on the rise! Indicating that more than ever companies are starting to outsource their marketing department and here’s why we think that might be…

20 years ago, a marketing department could have consisted of a graphic designer, copywriter, web editor, and marketing strategist. In fact, in lots of instances, all of these responsibilities would have fallen to one person under the ‘Marketing Manager’ role. The marketing departments key resources mostly would have been made up off building a yearly strategy, making lots of sales calls, keeping the copy & design of our marketing collateral/websites/emails appealing, and researching which print ad/events would give the best reach, training & degree’s reflected these requirements.  

In today’s marketing world we are in a lightning speed, fast-paced environment, and the demand at times can be overwhelming, this is due to the rate that trends and technology change on a day by day basis. These days your marketing department not only has to continue with the above resources, but they also have to be educated on the digital side of marketing. This comes with a never-ending list of platforms & channels to which your company must now manage, analysis, advertise and create content for! Examples of these channels include Google Analytics/Adwords/SEO, YouTube, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter….to name a few. What’s more, each platform demands a different voice, video length, code, graphic size, and style! 

How is one person supposed to excel in every aspect of marketing now that we live in the age of the ever-changing digital world?

If you take a look at your Marketing Manager or Head of Marketing job description, maybe even have a look at others out there, you will see that these roles are asking a lot! Marketers have our complete and utter RESPECT! We know we couldn’t give all of those tasks to one person to manage.  

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Even if your head of marketing has a team to support them, having one person be an expert in so many different areas is very rare to find and if you do, make sure and pay them their worth which is between €80-€110k per year, according to the DMI. 

Surely you would agree that someone who excels in web design would be best designing websites rather than directing videos or creating graphics? Someone who is great at strategy and content shouldn’t spend their time making calls or sending emails?  

Think of a consultant, when doctors are going through their degree and choose to major in a specific area, this is because their job is so critical they need to be an expert in that area in order to get the job done as best as possible.  

We look at a marketing manager or team in the same way, knowing each member’s strong suit and letting them take creative control with our client’s brief will ensure great results for our customer and a happy & valued staff member!

We based our company on saving our clients money while making them money and for us outsourcing your marketing manager/department to an all in one digital agency is a no brainer.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Costs less to hire an agency overpaying an entire marketing team or an experienced head of marketing.​
  • Multiple team members who are experts in specific marketing fields to ensure maximum results & no wasted spend.​
  • More time spent on marketing your business/service/product as each team member is highly knowledgeable and experienced in the area relevant to them so no time wasted.​
  • A wider audience reach due to platform-specific experts liaising with each other to ensure your business stands out across all channels.
  • Flexibility to upscale and downscale your marketing department in line with your company needs.

We would love to hear your thoughts and experience on Agency vs In House? Are we biased? 

Drop us a comment, we love learning!

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